The Police Lexicon Development History in the Albanian Language


  • Shemsi Haziri


police lexicon, historical development, Albanian language, foreign influences


It is evident that the development process of the police lexicon in the Albanian language has gone through several stages. The first stage can be found during the initiatives of establishing police activity in Pashalik of Ioannina and Pashalik of Shkodra, where the Turkish lexicon influences are noticeable, e.g., çaush (Turkish) – polic bashkiak (Albanian) “municipal policeman”, kadi (Turk.) – gjyqtar (Alb.) “judge” etc. The second stage comes after the independence of Albania was declared when Italian influences can be found such as: cavalry (cavalry), Russian influences during the rule of Enver Hoxha, such as: state security, people’s police etc., and finally the return of the influence of Italian and currently English. In Kosovo, due to the historical circumstances, the influences on police terminology have been mainly from the Serbian language (1970–1999) then the English language (1999–2019). So far, there is no detailed study of the police lexical terminology in the Albanian areas, and to this day there are no published dictionaries on this subject in the Albanian language.




Haziri, S. (2021). The Police Lexicon Development History in the Albanian Language. Zeitschrift für Balkanologie, 57(1). Abgerufen von



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